FMUSER Solid State 3000 Watt FM-sender FU618F


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  • Frakt (USD): 1,642
  • Totalt (USD): 12,642 XNUMX
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A 3000 Watt FM Transmitter with Compact All-in-one Design

As one of the most important members of FMUSER high power FM transmitter series, FU-618F 3000 watt FM transmitter is assembled into a 19-inch 3U solid state cabinet, this allows an outstanding modular design for radio broadcasting.


The compact desgin also let go uncessary spaces for each module inside the cabinet, which offers extra space for the radio station equipment management.

Good Price is What this 3KW FM Transmitter Stands for

This stereo 3000 watt FM transmitter is as low cost as always.


If you don't have enough budget for Elenos transmitters, well, this is the best "Elenos Alternatives".


With only $11,000 (shipping is not included) you can enhance your radio business to a higher level.

FU618F FM Transmitter 3KW Means More Powerful

FU618F 3KW FM transmitter is well-performed in most high power radio stations.


Thanks to our first-class manufacturing factory, again, we have the chance to serve our customers with FU618F FM transmitter 3KW, known as the best 3000 watt FM transmitter of solid state type.


With <0.1% audio distortion, FU618F is able to transmit CD-quality audio to the radio receiver, also, it has a tested audio sepatation of 50 dB (30 Hz - 15 kHz), which assures the audio quality for the radio station.


0 watt - 3000 watt tuneable outpower mode creates extra spaces for the station to broadcast for a long range coverage.

Begrep Spec
Frekvensområde 87.0MHz ~ 108.0MHz
Frekvensinnstillingstrinn 10KHz
Bærefrekvenspresisjon ± 200Hz
Restbølgestråling ≥ 67dBc
Lydinngangsimpedans 600Ω, Balance (for analog); 110Ω, Balance (for digital AES/EBU)
Stereo separasjon 50dB(30Hz~15KHz)
Lydinngangsnivå ±10dBm,step 0.01dB; S/N
Lyd harmonisk forvrengning
Audio svar ±0.1dB(30Hz–15KHz)
Utgangsbelastningsimpedans 50Ω
Utgangseffekt 0~3000W justerbar
Pre-emphasis 0μS,50μS,75μS
Avvik ± 75kHz
Pilotfrekvens 19 kHz±1Hz Pilot Signal Modulation
Sub-carrier Suppressionv ≥65dB
RF-utgangsgrensesnitt 7/8' or 1-5/8' Flange
Størrelse 19inch rack; 574mm (W) x 1000mm (H) x 880mm (D)
Vekt 150KG

1 * FU-618F Solid state 3000 watt FM transmitter





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